Our Services

The full spectrum of cardiovascular care

We look after all cardiac conditions and assess patients with undifferentiated symptoms yet to be diagnosed.  We also work with patients at risk of developing heart disease.

Cardiac diagnostics

ECG, exercise stress testing, Holter monitors, event recorders, loop recorders, 24-hour blood pressure monitors, and echocardiography.


For patients who cannot wait several months for an echocardiogram, we perform focused echocardiography to determine LV function, assess valve structure and function, identify the presence pericardial effusions, or assess right sided hemodynamics.

Cardiac Rehabilitation

We have developed a state-of-the-art cardiac rehabilitation program designed to continue the inertia generated by the hospital-based program.  Our team consists of a Cardiologist, Registered Nurse, Clinical Exercise Physiologist, Dietitian, and Clinical Psychologist.

Medical Fitness Program

We also have a Medical Fitness Program, similar to the Cardiac Rehabilitation Program, but designed for patients with cardiovascular risk factors who are at risk of developing heart disease.

Registered Dietician

Our Registered Dietitian is also available to see patients outside the rehab and fitness programs.